Here is a list of the companies that SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. works with:

SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. only works with systems that are beneficial and productive for our clients. These systems have been proven to work in the dental environment and have shown to make life easier for the dental staff:

DELL USA: The benefit for being a certified Dell reseller is to the client. The client gets outstanding pricing and service.

APPLE: for Mac snow leopard OS server and standard to Imac and ipad Apple PC is a great solution.

ICWUSA: The best computer mounting solution in the market. SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. is a full reseller and installer of the ICW product line.

SONICWALL: Sonicwall makes firewall routers, remote data storage/backup systems, and other great products. SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. is a reseller and certified technician of all Sonicwall products.

CABLES TO GO: SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. is a vender for all products sold by cables to go. This includes audio video cables as well as all network cables. They are also a provider of Rapid Run cables that were designed to make running A/V cables faster.


EST- NOD 32 Antivirus/spyware Business edition:SIMPLETECH IT SOLUTIONS LLC. is a reseller of the NOD 32 software. This software has been recognized as one of the best systems in the market. They combine antivirus with spyware protection without pulling from the computers resources or the networks resources. Other systems on the market tend to pull on the computer or the networks resources all day resulting in slow performance. NOD 32 is quite the opposite. It scans automatically and updates automatically resulting in less maintenance.

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