For businesses and individuals: only if the computer and the network are working smoothly, a safe and efficient work is possible. We are your competent partner when it comes to IT services!


                      Computer service and sales for small businesses.

About Us

    Welcome to SIMPLETECH IT Solutions LLC.! This company was designed to meet the IT demands of all small buisneses. The focus of the company is to provide secure, clean and inexpensive solutions for Medical and non medical buisnesses. The owner of  SIMPLETECH IT Solutions LLC. has worked in the IT and Networking field for over 20 years. SIMPLETECH IT Solutions LLC. has installed over 3000 computer systems in various medical offices and other small buisnesses throughout San Diego and surrounding cities. Our passion is to create a simple and low cost computer system for your business. SIMPLETECH IT Solutions LLC. makes technology simple!





Products and Services

Simpletech IT Solutions offers full computer sales and service. Simpletech IT works side by side with Protec for full Audio-video service, and full security camera and monitoring service. For Dental our advanced studies in Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Softdent, Mac Practice, Practice Works, and other major practice management software helps us be more efficient in solving problems. For general medical, Optomology, Cosmetic surgery offices, and chiropractic offices we have a vast knowledge of software programs to resolve problems quickly. We are fully trained in HIPPA and each tech on our team carries a Comp-TIA HEALTHCARE certificate. Simpletech IT offer monthly support packages with Cloud based real time backup. Or call us when you need us!


Please call us if you have any questions on products, services or if you want a custom built system for your office! Thank you. 619-318-7601





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